The Importance of Photgraphy and Design to Advertising

Using photography to promote and sell products is quite common. This is particularly true in today’s visual culture where the consumer’s attention span is very short. Consequently, advertising based on quality photography tends to be more memorable. Low-quality photography does nothing for a product except turn buyers off. On the other hand, quality photography in advertising stimulates the consumer whenever he or she interacts with the same.

Product photography, as is needed for advertising, may be based either on a real image, or on one created by graphic artists. The important thing at the end of the day, is representing the product accurately. Important to the representation of the product itself is the representation of the ideas about the product as outlined by the marketing executive. The photographer or graphic artist (or perhaps both) will need to capture all the ideas from the advertising executives visually.

After ideas are explored, the work of putting it all together begins. Turning photographs of products from merely that into an image that totally embodies the brand and reflects the ideals and concepts agreed upon is no easy feat. Is important that the outcome is both cleanly designed and attractive. Take Coca Cola, for example. A simple photograph of a bottle of coke is completely transformed into a mouth-watering, highly desired drink when a can of coke against a clean background now has a droplet of icy water streaming down the side. This sort of imagery with the right typography can do wonders for a brand and consequently revenues generated from increased sales when done right. This is the aim of product photography and design when done for the purposes of brand communication to the consumer – a favorable response coupled with a corresponding increase in sales.

So much is riding on the successful creation of effective imagery designed to attract (and not repel) potential buyers. A negative first impression resulting from by poorly created advertising images can be devastating to say the least. As such, it does take great skill to move the photography of a product from a mere photo to one that sends a message about the product – the desired message. It also takes knowledge and passion. Only the best is good enough, and only excellence is rewarded. One must simply get it right the first time around as there may simply not be a second chance to get it right.