Digital Marketing Trends We Can See in 2017

Digital marketing is constantly changing. We see this every year. New technologies change the way that users interact with businesses.

Blogs allowed businesses to present consumers with beneficial information, while social media helped businesses stay connected with their customers.

So, what breakthroughs and developments can we expect for the coming year? Here is a look at the digital marketing trends that we will likely see in 2017.

Mobile Devices Will Replace Desktop Computers

While this first trend may seem outdated, 2017 will likely be the first year where mobile devices truly replace desktop computers.

Already, nearly half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In the coming year, mobile usage will surpass other devices as the preferred choice for internet users.

This means that if you do not already have a website that is easy to browse on mobile devices, you need to develop a mobile friendly site. Mobile users do not have time for a slow loading web page. Remove the extra features and focus on delivering a streamlined user interface.

Video Advertising Will Become Essential

Mobile users prefer to watch videos on their phone, instead of reading an article. It is easier to watch a video while you are on a bus or in a taxi. You know exactly how long the video will last, while an article could take up too much of your time.

You should prepare for increased video on demand from consumers. Start coming up with strategies to include more video content in your promotions. This can include testimonials, product demonstrations, advertisements, and any other relevant content that you can create.

Online Advertising Will Increase in Price

The amount of competition will also increase. More businesses are competing for dominance in each niche market. This will naturally cause PPC (pay-per-click) ad prices to increase.
If you want to prepare for these increasing prices, then you should start looking for cost effective marketing solutions. This includes social media marketing and email marketing.

While you should not give up paid advertising, you may want to scale it back and focus on options with a greater ROI (return on investment).

Consumers Will Demand High-Quality Content

Content will always be king. While other trends will appear, the quality of your content will always be a determining factor for conversion rates.

Consumers are smart. They know how to research a product or compare their options. They can quickly go online and look at customer reviews or social media comments. With increased competition, the need for high-quality content will be as important as ever.

For the past several years, businesses have begun to realize the need for high-quality content. More businesses focus on writing for customers instead of writing for search engines. This will continue to become more of an issue in the coming year.

The Social Media Landscape Will Transform

Another major trend that will see in 2017 is the transformation of the social media landscape. Facebook will remain the most used social media platform, but there will be changes with other networks. Twitter may be sold to another company, while Instagram is on track to become the third biggest social network.

Every business should have a social media strategy. But, these strategies will likely need to adapt to the trends of 2017. If the majority of your audience switches from one platform to another, you will need to follow suit. You should keep track of these changes so that you are not left behind.

More Businesses Will Release Dedicated Mobile Apps

The development of mobile apps has been steadily growing for years. Though, some businesses are hesitant to spend money on these apps. This should change in 2017.

Developing a dedicated app does not have to be a complicated process. Essentially, it is just a recreation of your mobile website, formatted into a dedicated mobile application.

The goal of creating a mobile app is to give your users a better experience. They will not have to load their web browser to check your website. They can simply open your app and receive updates.

Search Engine Algorithms Will Change

Supposedly, Google changes their search engine algorithm on a regular basis. They make small changes throughout the year and roll out big changes with special code names.

With all of these major trends expected to occur in the coming year, you can also expect that search engine algorithms will change. The algorithms will need to change in order to reflect the relevance of these trends.

For example, as video content becomes more popular, web pages that include properly formatted video content will likely see a boost in search rankings.

Remember these trends when planning for the future. 2017 should bring some major innovations and changes. Stay up to date and continue to update your marketing strategy as needed.

Author Bio – This article is written on behalf of, a Los Angeles based digital marketing agency.