Benefits of commercial CCTV systems

Commercial CCTV offers an important level of protection for businesses. Business owners have the peace of mind that an added level of security protects assets, inventory and personnel.

CCTV installation offers improved security, the ability to monitor certain employee activities and better work productivity. Learn how commercial CCTV system installation Minneapolis St. Paul area products and services lower your risks and helps maximize security at your business.

Commercial CCTV use
Closed circuit television (CCTV) aims to deter and prevent crime and to provide evidence of certain events. Businesses use CCTV for a number of reasons, including retail use to catch shoplifters, to capture acts of dishonesty by employees, to improve work productivity, to protect assets, inventory and employees.

In an effort to reduce crime and increase arrest rates, commercial CCTV use offers business owners the confidence in potential reduction of theft and other illegal activities. CCTV use in businesses also potentially offers evidence in the event of a crime committed by an intruder, customer or employee.

Cost effectiveness of CCTV
Chron Small Business points out, “Video surveillance systems comprise one of the largest segments of the electronic surveillance market.”
Another benefit of CCTV is that it is cost effective. The National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programspoints to statements that refer to the installation and use of CCTV as a means of “Functioning as a deterrent” and that the presence of CCTV has “The ability to take the place of police or security officers.”

With commercial CCTV system installation Minneapolis St. Paul area products and services, large and small businesses reap the rewards of having a CCTV system in place to deter and apprehend dishonest individuals. With CCTV in place, commercial use of other types of security potentially diminishes. For example, when a business installs CCTV, the need for an on-site security officer to guard against theft and limit access after-hours likely decreases. CCTV also likely decreases the need for as many security or loss prevention officers during normal business hours, further decreasing salary costs.

As a deterrent, CCTV also possibly deters theft by employees, who know the system is in place. Additionally, business owners sometimes use CCTV to monitor and gather evidence on one or more specific employees suspected of theft or other crimes committed while at work.

In Security Cameras vs. Employee Rights, Chron explains one of the positive benefits of having security cameras in place. Having commercial CCTV in place enables businesses to see the activities of dedicated, hard-working employees, in addition to weeding out the dishonest activities committed by some other employees.

Installing commercial CCTV is legal

Installing commercial CCTV is a legal action. Courts ruled in the past that CCTV use is not illegal as long as there are no cameras in restrooms, locker rooms or other private areas. With the legality of CCTV systems, commercial use of CCTV continues to aid business owners in protecting investments, assets, property and employees.