How to Get Safari Uninstalled from Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Not everyone like to use Safari browser. Some people may prefer other browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The Safari browser is installed on the computer by default and you will get a system error if you try to drag it to the recycle bin to delete it. Unlike what the system error says, your computer won’t be affected in any way if you uninstall the Safari browser. Movavi Mac Cleaner is equipped with a built in uninstaller that enables you to permanently uninstall OS X apps that are preinstalled on Mac computers like Safari browser.

It is fairly easy to learn how to delete Safari from Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner. You must first click the desktop short cut icon to launch Movavi Mac Cleaner. It will attempt to perform an initial scan when the software starts up. You should wait patiently until the scan is complete before navigating to the uninstaller tab on the left. When the scan is complete, it will tell you how big is the size of the junk files it has detected.

In the Uninstaller tab, you will see that the apps installed on your computer are arranged in different categories including user apps and OS X apps for the convenience of the users. Movavi Mac Cleaner is much more user friendly when compared to other Mac cleaner software that put all the apps in a single list. There is a bracket that shows how many apps are in the user apps and os x apps section. There is also another section called leftovers.

If you are wondering what the leftovers section is for, the leftovers section is the section where you can find leftover files that have been failed to be deleted when you uninstall the programs on the computer. Most of the time, deleting the folder of the application does not mean that you have permanently delete it. There are other files associated with the application that is not located in the main application folder. The leftovers section is able to detect any leftover files associated with applications you have attempted to uninstall in the past.

To uninstall Safari browser, you must select the OS X Apps. The selected OS X Apps tab will appear in blue color. Next, you must scroll down the list to look for the Safari browser. You can scan through the OS X Apps list for the Safari browser compass icon. When you found it, you must click the checkbox beside the Safari browser so that it now has a tick in it. You can select multiple applications to uninstall at one time in the uninstaller.

The number of applications that is selected will appear at the bottom. It also show how much space the installed application is taking on the hard disk. After that, you must click the Remove button to get the Safari browser uninstall from the computer. Finally, you must click the Remove button to uninstall it. In just a second, the Safari browser will be completely uninstalled without leaving any leftover file behind.