5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail in App Markets

After spending too much effort on development of a mobile app, most of app developers launch their app into App Stores without paying attention to how to convince people to download their app. Here are 5 top reasons why many of mobile apps will fail when entering overcrowded app stores. To convince users, app owners should double their marketing efforts while both pre-and post-launching stage without falling into these 5 mistakes below.

Not Investing Promotional Campaigns

Many mobile app developers fall in love with their app in every way because they have invested so much time and effort on it. It is natural to think like that but no matter how perfect is your app, it needs to be promoted by building an effective marketing strategies to stand out from almost 5.000.000 available apps in all app markets.

Monitoring Only App Downloads

As mentioned above there are almost 5 million apps are available on mobile marketing landscape so there are lots of app that users can easily replace one to another similar app. For this reason, users’ life cycle on mobile apps dwindle away to seconds. Namely, users most likely delete an app after few seconds when they face a problem or cannot get what they want from an app. That’s monitoring only app download metrics can be very deceptive for measuring the app’s success so it is important to follow Life Time Value (LTV) of users in an app rather than download rates to get accurate feedbacks about your app’s performance.

Distributing Budget in all paid channels

Using and investing on all paid channels for promoting your app to succeed is an unadvised thing to do because investing on one or two channels effectively is much more both cost and time efficient than investing on all paid channels at once. The clever way is to determine your app’s target audience and act based on their preferences which gives you an answer to which channel should I invest more? Therefore, it is unnecessary to spend all your budget and time on investing as much channel as possible, rather use your budget according to preferences of your intended audience.

Ignoring App Store Optimization

Let’s assume you are looking for an app that creates to do lists for you, the first thing you most likely do is to search on App Store or Google Play with keywords like to do list, note, checklist, do etc. When you found the right app, usually you will tap the app icon and enter app store page of desired app for looking its screenshots, description or reviews to get the idea of is it worth to download this app? App Store Optimization (ASO) which is an accurate way to optimize App Store page and keywords, means that your efforts of designing your app store page per users’ preferences and finding the accurate keywords to be findable on App Store searches.

Forgetting Social Media

Last common thing that app developers don’t consider is that putting organic efforts to promote an app through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social media channels provide the possibility to reach millions of people if they used regularly and efficiently. Also, they offer cost effective advertising options to social media users to promote their content. Namely, social media is very powerful tool that should not be ignored while promoting a mobile app.

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