The Importance of Video Management in Surveillance and Security

Awareness is everything. When you need to do video surveillance, it’s important to manage your videos, assets, people, and organizations as well. Getting information is necessary, but it’s equally necessary to understand what information you have and what significance that information has.

In a world of over-sharing, too much information can be exhausting. Everything we do involves us getting tons and tons of internal and external data. Networking is important, right? Well, now it’s easier than ever. One of the costs for such an amount of networking is that we are receiving more information from more people than ever. How are we supposed to sort through all of that and determine what matters? The big picture becomes a little blurrier when we are so overwhelmed by all the data that we receive on a daily basis. That’s why you need video management systems/software (VMSs).

Our complicated world requires different levels of monitoring. If anything happens at, say, an airport where a plane can’t leave on time, it’s important for the airport’s employees to be aware of the delay and to let the other employees know about the delay. Monitoring these changes and communication makes it easier for everyone to stay in the know and for the problem to get fixed. If the problem is that something is stuck in front of a takeoff mechanism, then a video surveillance camera could see that, and whoever is monitoring the videos would be able to let the other employees know exactly what the problem is.

These jobs require situational awareness, and with time, they can learn how to prevent potential problems before they even happen. Knowing is the first step. If you have a lot of information, then you can sort it down to the most important things and then use what you need in order to keep everything moving. If you don’t know there’s a fire, for example, then you can’t put it out or get people to safety.

Taking proactive control over your risk management is the most crucial thing when comes to security. That’s the importance of video management in surveillance and security: that you can narrow down information and use it to keep people safe.

Companies like Qognify bring all of your data—both security and surveillance data—into one place and then filter it down, connect the dots, and determine how things in the data relate to the big picture. How significant is that one thing you saw on Camera 6-A last night? That’s what management is for. We’ll help you pay attention to the things that matter so you can take care of you and your own. Video management software is the best way for you to examine these things.

You can also do this with past data. By seeing what’s changed over time, you can help prevent future issues and improve your own systems for dealing with problems that happen when no one’s actually looking.

Incident management is what it takes to ensure that you avoid injuries—and lawsuits. Being able to effectively navigate your information is what allows you to take your business to the next level. You can use this data to better understand the inner workings of your company and its workers. Qognify’s products are there to help you see and analyze the overwhelming amount of data that comes through your surveillance systems.

The importance of video management in surveillance and security is that narrowing things down to what’s necessary will allow you to better run or maintain your business.

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