What does Real Time Google Penguin update mean?

Online world is abuzz with discussions about the latest Google penguin 4.0 version. The most significant advantage of this latest version is being Real Time. Penguin is finally turned into a real-time algorithm, means websites that are struck by bad back links can use Google search console to deny and remove such links. Today, penalties can be quickly resolved, so they easily bounce back and retrieve their site rankings. Even authentic site owners can be get hit with occasional bad back links without their knowledge.

To the contrary, those who are deliberately trying to create unnatural back links will also be hit rapidly than they expected. This will put much pressure on spammers as they will at the moment have a tiny window where they can carry out their bad linking and spamming practices before they can get penalized.

Information for Business owners

Business owners are advised not to wait for the authentic real time Google penguin update to roll out before they streamline their websites. Google will closely bad links, so it is best to start cleaning your sites from these undesirables so that you won’t get penalized by the Penguin update. You should sift your website from Unnatural links because these bad links will get you penalized. Start disavowing links that you don’t need and take out the really bad ones.

Digitrio gives you a good description of how to distinguish unnatural links and also comprehensive articles on how you can remove bad links. Put the disavowed links in a disavow file, Google will provide instructions on how to disavow unwanted back links. Though back linking is a significant element in search ranking, you should ensure that you have high quality, relevant back links being generated by authoritative websites. Business owners should keep the factors in mind that will get their site penalized. Follow best practices keenly as it would give you a healthy website. The key is to maintain a healthy website and you will get good advice on how you can do this from this source.

Many webmasters and business owners may ask the question ‘will real-time penguin update be a reality’? The question has been answered by Google with its latest 4.0 Penguin version! This version is going to be a major advantage for those who have been hit by Google penguin updates and also for new websites that are still trying to streamline their online presence. Real Time indicates the ability to clear up and recovery quickly, especially for authentic business owners who are trying to do good SEO without using any black hat tactics deliberately. Of course, the spammers will find a difficult time performing their bad activities.

This real time Penguin update is going to be a win-win move for the search engine as well as the users. If you want to get more information about Google Penguin update, visit the website. You can read many posts and blogs on Google penguin updates and many other informative keywords.