The Keys to Master the Art of Typing for Beginners


We have come to an era where typing has become a crucial part of our life. Most jobs nowadays require a worker who can type fast and accurately. So, you are really missing out on something big if you have not mastered the art of fast typing.

Even though typing with proper techniques is not as easy as it looks, you can still start learning and master it in no time if you practice a lot. Typing for beginners can be very challenging, and boring at some point. But if you know how and where to learn, fast typing will be just a piece of cake. Here are some tips to learn typing fast that can be easily followed by every beginner.

Learn the Correct Finger Position

The ultimate goal of every typing lesson is not only to make you a fast typer, but also a touch typer. Touch typing is a skill to type every letter accurately without looking at the keyboard so you can focus on the screen and the material you need to type, which will make you finish your job faster.

And the first step to be a skilled touch typer is to learn the correct finger position. Each and every finger on your hand has its own task to press certain keys. Try to memorize the finger position before moving to other lessons. It can be a little bit boring, but this is the basic of everything so it is important to take this part seriously.

Use All Ten Fingers all the Time

If you always type with two fingers all the time or type with the wrong finger position, you need to stop. It is a bad habit and even though it can be really hard to change it, you need to try. So, after memorizing the finger position, make sure you stick with it. No matter how difficult it is, you need to practice what you have learnt.

Don’t expect to master everything from the get go. It is okay to make mistake because it can be hard to control your fingers as a beginner. If you forget the right finger position, don’t hesitate to start tangentbordsträning again to make sure the finger position sticks in your mind this time.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to master touch typing faster, you need to familiarize your fingers with the keyboard. It means, you need to keep your fingers on the keyboard as long as you can. So, when you want to copy or paste something to the document, it is best to use keyboard shortcuts instead of moving your right hand to the mouse. Not only it will make you work faster, you can also practice memorizing the finger position in the process.

Keep Practicing

Last but not least, just keep practicing until it feels like your fingers have a mind of their own. To make practicing more fun, you can play online typing games and battle with other people to be the fastest typer.

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