Five web design trends for 2017

Web design is a creative, fluid process which is often influenced by the ebb and flow of particular trends. And because visitors are likely to be sensitive to even small changes, it is worth keeping up with the fashions that are defining the industry at the moment.

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Geometric influences

For a while, flat design was king of the hill, but it has since been ousted in favour of a geometric approach which is more eye-catching and pattern-oriented than in the past.

The use of geometry means that shapes of many types are being used in site interfaces. Entire brands can be adapted to reflect this change, although experimentation is recommended to create the best look and feel.

Ascent of animation

While minimalistic approaches to web design are worth considering, there is no excuse to ignore the importance of adding animated media to capture the attention of first-time visitors.

From simple gifs to full blown video presentations, there are many impactful and data-efficient ways to integrate animation. Getting help from Ryco Marketing Belfast web design agency, or other firms offering web design in Belfast and other parts of the country, will let you tweak your site and stay on trend.

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De-cluttering navigation

The rise of mobile browsing has forced several changes in web design, even if some argue that browser software is not keeping up with the pace of expansion in this market – Because of this, all sites must embrace a simpler approach to navigation or else face scuppering their usability.

This is not just about making a site easy to use on touchscreen devices, but also streamlining the experience and getting visitors where they want to go in as few clicks as possible.

Retro throwbacks

Even with modern design trends taking centre stage, sometimes the way to stand out is to look back to earlier eras. One retro trend for 2017 is the use of hand drawn graphics and icons to help reinforce a brand’s image and give it the edge over generic rivals.

Typographical trends

Online typography is beginning to take technological steps forwards, with sites starting to make use of digital tools to change the font, size, colour and position of text to improve engagement. This can be tied to interactions, scrolling or any other variable so that visitors are amazed each time.