5 more ways to build better mobile websites

At a time when numbers of mobile users are only increasing, neglecting to develop an intuitive mobile website for your business is an enormous oversight.

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As this Moz article states, ensuring your content looks its best on mobile devices is more important than ever before and dedicating time to developing a mobile site that works seamlessly across platforms and devices is one of the most important business investments you can make.

Make the most of modules

Playing a huge role in the creation of a first-rate multi-platform API, mastering modules will considerably enhance the quality of the mobile site, delivering an exceptional user experience across a range of different devices.

Fully embrace each target platform

You may naturally find yourself developing more of an affinity with the iOS platform, however, there is simply no excuse to go on to neglect your Android audience. Each platform will have its own set of benefits and restrictions, and learning how to get the most out of each is imperative for delivering a consistent cross-platform user experience.

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Develop a close working relationship with your design team

Thoroughly utilising the skills of every team member is crucial. Each platform will have several subtle differences and understanding the visual language and navigation paradigms of each is hugely important and a professional web development company in London such as the one that can be seen here https://www.redsnapper.net, will help you to bring your mobile vision to life.

Consistent testing

With many individual components encompassing both platform-specific and cross-platform elements, performing consistent testing is an essential part of the development process. You don’t want to spend hours perfecting your iOS site and then test it on Android to find that it crashes, or that several components need to be amended. Consistent testing means issues will be easily identifiable, ensuring they can be addressed efficiently without consuming more time than is necessary.

Understand your audience

You need to know that your investment produces something your audience wants to use and that will effectively provide them with the information they need access to, in the very specific ways they want to interact with your business. Thoroughly evaluating every pixel of your design from the perspective of your audience will lead to the development of a successful final product that works for both your audience and your business.