How To Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video Anywhere

Amazon Prime Instant Video is a streaming service, much like Netflix. However, the service has limited popularity and is quite an enigma to use due to a number of reasons. For starters, it is often confused with Amazon Instant Video, although they are different services. Amazon Instant Video has more content but you have to pay per show or movie as opposed to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Another reason is that Amazon Prime Instant Video is only available in the US. Therefore, if you want access to the service outside the US, you will need to use Amazon Prime VPN, which circumvents the geo-blocking restrictions. Even then, you still need to understand how to use the streaming service.

For access to the streaming service, you should create an Amazon Prime account. First, you have to sign to the Amazon Prime free trial, after which you can choose either the monthly subscription for $7.99 or the annual subscription for $79.

Watch on Roku

Roku is Amazon’s set-top box, which allows you to connect and stream to the TV. The set-top box doesn’t include an Amazon Prime Instant Video channel during purchase. The first step is to download the Amazon Prime Instant Video channel. You then sign into the Amazon Prime account and gain instant access to your Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as Amazon Instant Video.

Watch on PC

To watch Amazon Prime Instant Video, you should log into your account from your browser’s window. You can access Amazon Prime Instant Video by clicking on the top right corner of the browser window. From there you gain access to your Amazon Prime Instant Video account and you can select any of the available movie titles or shows directly. You can also add the movies or shows to a watchlist.

Watch on iPad, iPhone or iPod

To watch Amazon Prime Instant Video, download the app from the Apple store. You can then access the app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. This gives you access to the available movies and shows as well as your watchlist. You can then watch your movies or shows, and resume watching shows or movies that you started watching on a different device.

Watching on Amazon’s Kindle

Using the Kindle tablet is the easiest way to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video. You gain instant access by tapping on the video app which is pre-installed on your Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle Fire allows you to view your movies and shows offline. However, the show or movie has to include a download feature.

Watch on Android phones or tablets

The Amazon Prime Instant Video application is not available on Play Store, so you should install it from Amazon. First, you should install the Amazon

Underground app, from Amazon Apps. Enable the installation of applications from unknown sources from your security settings. Download the

Amazon Underground application from Amazon Apps and click on it to install. Sign in to your Amazon account and download the Amazon Prime

Instant Video application for Android.


Amazon Prime Instant Video might not have as many shows as Netflix but it is a more affordable alternative if you’re looking for a change. It’s also not as easily accessible as other streaming services. After deciding on an alternative, follow the steps listed to gain access to Amazon Prime Instant Video and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.