The truth behind five common SEO myths

Perfecting the art of SEO is tough, especially with so much misinformation about SEO being spread online. Here are five optimisation myths and the realities they mask.

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SEO is irrelevant in the face of real world success

You might assume that if your organisation is enjoying a period of prosperity, with loyal customers and a growing share of the market, then there’s no need to address your online presence. But not paying attention to your website shows a dangerous lack of foresight.

Optimisation is essential, even if you have a simple site designed to display information about your business to prospective customers, as the only way it will attract visitors in the first place is if it ranks well on Google.

Interface decisions and search rank are unconnected

You may think that search algorithms are not sophisticated enough to work out whether or not a site’s interface is user-friendly or poorly designed. But there are plenty of ways to work this out by looking at other metrics.

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High bounce rates and a lack of authoritative inbound links can suggest that a site is not up to scratch, leading its search ranking to suffer. Building pages which are simple to use and laid out in a pleasing way is essential and may require expert assistance, so for professional SEO services in London visit and start the ball rolling.

A secure site is unnecessary

Major data breach scandals are increasingly common, as cybercriminal tactics become more sophisticated. This means that even small businesses cannot afford to ignore the need to apply basic security measures.

One or two optimisations will deliver significant results

Some SEO experts claim to be able to make a difference to your site’s ranking overnight, but in reality, this is simply unachievable. Looking for a quick fix is not advisable, especially as this might lead you to pursue black hat tactics. Instead, you will need to use professional SEO services in London or wherever you are located, and expect to see improvements over a longer period.

Linking is easy
Working out which links to add to your site and how to format them is tougher than you might think. In particular, you need to focus on including NoFollow links amongst those that are eligible to be tracked by search engines, letting you manage your site’s reputation more effectively.