Fine Solutions Now For the Perfect Reflexion Equipment

The key to the success of catering establishments is not only delicious original dishes, but also high service. Among the criteria for assessing the level of a restaurant or cafe visitors – including the cleanliness of dishes, glasses. Manually bringing them to the ideal state is a difficult and long process, but there is no need for it, since special polishing equipment for dishes is produced today.

Polishing machine: types, advantages
Polisher for dishes can be used not only in restaurants, bistros, but also in hotels, sanatoria. And especially it is indispensable in large catering establishments, where there are quite large flows of visitors. The polishing machine has the following advantages:

  • reduces the time for drying and polishing dishes;
  • it will not be scratched during processing;
  • fragile items will not get hurt;
  • labor costs are reduced;

Many models are equipped with UV lamps, which allow you to sterilize the instruments.Each restaurant uses a huge number of different items, and each of them is designed for their own kind of installations, the principle of which is different from each other. So, the machine for polishing glasses is equipped with special rotating rollers, installed in an upright position. The process of polishing and drying occurs under the influence of hot air. Brushes, as a rule, are removable; – at any moment they can be changed depending on the size of glasses or glasses. Utensils after treatment with the help of this device is not divorced glitters. The AMAT LK Reflexion equipment parts are the best options there.

The machine for drying and polishing cutlery looks like a dishwasher, but the principle of its operation is different. Forks, spoons, knives are loaded into a special container, where they are processed with the help of special hot granules. At the output you get absolutely dry shiny cutlery. At high productivity, the cutlery polishing machine is compact and consumes little energy.

Polisher for dishes: selection criteria
A high-quality cutlery polishing machine should be made of stainless high-quality steel – this ensures its durability. The container in which the devices are laid has a rounded shape – in this case there will be no congestion during their movement.

It can range from three to eight thousand cutleries per hour
The fact that the device is ready for drying is signaled by special indicators (they can be light or acoustic). Also, modern dish polishers should be equipped with sensors that control the frequency of replacing pellets. Their temperature is constantly monitored by a special probe.

If a quality polisher for glasses to buy, it will not cause difficulties in the maintenance – the device is easy to clean, it is equipped with non-slip supports. It has the advantage of not releasing toxic vapors. The different discs passed in order gradually bring the metal to its final brilliance. The cells, not very accessible, are polished with a small abrasive rod pad mounted on the hose of the drill.