Tips For Hunting In The Early Beginning Of The Season

Bow hunters have debated for many years about bow hunting deer in the early beginning of the season. What is the perfect time of the day to hunt? Should one only hunt in the evening? Does calling deer in the beginning of the hunting season work? Can you get a mature buck in the early season? These are some of the questions that cause debates among bow hunters.

Here are some 5 early season deer hunting tips that should be considered when trying to hunt for deer during early fall.

Always have an escape route

The most argued issue about early season deer hunting is about the time of the day that one should hunt. Some successful hunters say that you should hunt in the evenings while others argue that hunting early in the morning is the most ideal time to hunt. The only thing that they all agree on is that you should always try not to spook a deer when you are entering or leaving your tree stand. This therefore means that you should always have an escape route to and from the tree stand.

Use hunting cameras

Observation is important when you want to make successful hunts in the early season. You should always ensure that you study the deer, their routine, their sizes, their groups, trails and more information that you deem important. Don’t worry about the weather and the time of the day since there are a number of cameras, that can see clear images in the dark and in bad weather.

Prevent human odor

Temperatures are still warm in the early hunting season so sweating can cause human odor. This makes covering your odor in such seasons hard but with a few tips like wearing light clothes that dry fast when you sweat will help you have a successful hunt in the early season.