5 Key Features make this Multiport USB Charger the Best

USB chargers aren’t sexy, but they’re critically so vital to Android and iOS users that every device arrives with a basic one-port charger in the box.

Without USB recharging assistance, a majority of these devices would be dead after a day of active use.

With many homes having multiple devices, the need for more power sockets is vital, and more valuable a multi-device charging hub becomes.

In my case, I can’t leave the house when traveling without a charging solution for my family and one my favorite, a multiport charger that I consider the best USB Charger in my opinion at the least is the Punkt, Italian-made UC 01.

Correctly billed as a family-sized device, the UC 01 is compact and elegantly designed and makes charging multiple devices less of a hassle.

With this charger, no more fiddling about with different power supplies to connect and disconnect your USB cables. This charger combines the ease of use with understated elegance.

Let’s look at the five key features that make this multiport charger the best:

1. Multi-Charge: Aptly named UC 01 Multiport charger, this charger allows you to charge multiple devices. Featuring three ports, the UC can power up to three devices from a single port. What I like most about this gadget is that the ports on the UC 01 are positioned at the top, contrary to other chargers with ports on the side, and this makes it easy to insert or remove the cables one-handedly.

2. Powerful: Traditionally, the greater the number of ports, the longer the charging time. However, that’s not true with the UC 01. Sporting a total output up to 7.5A, with each socket hogging 2.5A, this charger allows for high-speed charging.

In my case, I can plug two iPhones 6(s), with each drawing 2.1A and I’m left with an empty port, which I can use to power my Apple Watch or my Blue tooth headset.

3. Versatile: None of the USB chargers I have come across exhibit much versatility compared to the UC 01. Beyond allowing you to charge multiple devices, the charger works well with a majority of the USB-powered devices and is ideal for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 formats. It also comes with two main cables (200cms and 50 cms), and this allows me to choose the length of the main cable, and this helps in reducing my desktop clutter further. What’s more? This best USB Charge is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

4. Aesthetic: I had earlier mentioned that USB chargers are not sexy, but there’s an exception to this, and the UC 01 is one such exception. Sporting a classic design, this utility-oriented device will add a touch of unexpected style to your workspace, and make your space look more appealing. The simple and solid design is further underlined by the presence of multiple color selection that includes black, brown and white.

5. Quality Inside Out: Made in Italy, using top-grade materials, the UC 01 is not the flimsy type that will breakdown after short use. Instead, it’s a durable product that will provide you with a long lasting solution for years to come, without skimping on performance.

UC 01 is a great addition to your list of the essential gadgets. It delivers an optimal level of power and performance. And the above five key features underline its superiority as the best USB Charger.