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3 Common myths About saving printing ink

Many companies can attest that small costs such as printing costs can significantly affect the profitability of a business. Cutting down on such production costs is one way through which you can maximize the profits of your company.

When it comes to printing costs, saving on ink is one of the measures that you can put in place to lower such costs. Therefore, it is essential to learn the appropriate ways through which you can save your printer’s ink. You should understand that there are myths associated with saving printer ink as listed below.

1. Shaking the cartridge

There are times when the printer may ask you to change the cartridge even though there is still some ink in it and that’s when shaking it a little may help get the printer working. But this is not always the case because shaking the cartridge does not reduce the amount of ink used; on contrast, it might even spoil your cartridge if not done with caution. You should wrap the cartridge before shaking so that it does not spill and muck your printer.

2. Unplugging the printer when not in use

The working mechanism of many printers require the machines to stay plugged in even after use so that the ink on the heads can flow back to the cartridge. Unplugging the printer immediately after use denies the printer to shut down usually, and the stuck ink can clog and cause damage to the printer.

When you are done printing, and you want to leave, please power off the printer but let it stay plugged in.

3. Cleaning the heads saves ink

It is important to note that most printers have self-cleaning programs that do not require human intervention for them to run. Manually cleaning the head of the printer ink cartridges is a waste of ink in the long run.

Sales funnel marketing tips

The basic purpose of digital marketing is to identify new customers and turn them into sales. Technology has made it even easier to carry out marketing over the past few years. A successful sales funnel has to be backed up with massive social marketing, blogging, search engine optimizations, and email campaigns. It is important to note that some of these processes can be very difficult if you lack appropriate tools such as the Clickfunnels.

The process of improving sales through sales should not be a daunting task anymore if you follow all the steps highlighted in this article.

Create awareness

You should understand that for your product to sell, people have to have knowledge about it. You should not fret as there are many tools in the market to help you create awareness about your product. It is important to take time when choosing the tool to use so that you do not end up with an ineffective tool.

Arouse interest in the customers

Your marketing should make customers have an interest in buying your product once they get knowledge of the product. Once you are able to make the customers interested in your service or product then you are on the right track to succeeding in your campaign. It is easier to turn an interested lead into a sale.


It is important to evaluate all prospective customers so that you can be able to identify the most viable ones. This will help you focus more energy on getting such customers. Your evaluation tool should be the best in the market for you to have a perfect evaluation.

Engage your customers

You can engage your customers through emails and private messaging. You should also use a Divi theme to get a good website for engaging customers. The tools you decide to use should help in fostering a good relationship between you and the clients.

Transact with the customer

This stage is very crucial since this is where actual money changes hands. You should choose a trusted financial institution to handle your money.

The Do’s and Don’ts in corporate video production

Do you wish to create a high quality and successful corporate video for your company? If yes then there are some things that you should do while there are those that you should completely avoid. Good corporate videos have a positive effect on the success of your business. This article has discussed some of the things that you should do and that which you shouldn’t when creating your corporate video.

Plan on the approach to use

You have to prioritize the creation of your corporate video for it to be a success. Proper planning has to be executed and all necessary resources gathered for the process. You should then make sure that you’ve identified your target audience before you begin creating the video. This will help in enabling you to identify the perfect tone that your audience can feel connected to. You can get guidance on the type of approach to use from Gram Video company.

Use a story to engage the audience

You should use a video that is emotionally captivating so that your audience can get a clear understanding of what you intend to communicate. You can use your company’s journey since it began to create a corporate video. It should be well planned and with the right visual triggers so that it can properly portray the arc of your company story. A well-told story should be able to create trust and good rapport between you and your customers.

Avoid trying to cram every bit of information in the video

Most companies make the mistake of trying to speak about every achievement their company has made, in one video. This forces them to create very long videos that rarely make any success. Nowadays the attention span of many people has been shortened so much when it comes to watching videos. Consumers are more likely to avoid a long video compared to a short and informative one. Carefully chose a specific subject for your video so that you can create a short video.

Flying your Quadcopter Drone in Headless Mode

Understanding how to operate your drone gives you a lot of comfort. Quadcoper drones are known to have a headless mode feature. Generally, the headless mode feature draws the drawn towards your direction. There are numerous benefits of flying in headless mode, apart from the stated above. You will not have to regularly monitor the orientation of your drone. Initially, beginners encounter a lot of difficulties in operating Quadcopter drones. This is because operating any drone isn’t simple as it sounds.

The headless mode feature was introduced to assist both beginners and experts have an easy time flying their drones. You will require no or little effort when navigating your drone. So, how do you activate a headless mode? The headless mode feature on all Quadcopter and other drones is activated by a button. Simply refer to your manual guide instructions for tips and guidelines on how to set your drone into a headless mode state.

Initially, the headless mode feature was only found in expensive drones. These drones were initially designed for experienced drone operators. Well, all this perception has changed. Currently, both expensive and pocket friendly Quadcopter drones have the headless mode feature. This decision was attained after manufacturers agreed that the headless mode is a beginner friendly interface.

This unique and amazing feature perfectly suits drones that can operate more than 20 meters and whose battery can run past five minutes. Consequently, the weight of a drone is also a vital aspect worth considering. Go for a Quadcopter drone that is capable of rotating over 360 degrees. This will make you reap the benefits of the headless mode feature.

Do you desire to fly a Quadcopter drone for the first time? If yes, consider a drone with the headless mode feature. You will definitely have an amazing time.

Get the Best Vacuum Cleaner Today

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner isn’t simple or easy as many people perceive. Currently, there are numerous vacuum cleaners to choose from. The British Henry Hoover is one of the models worth considering. It can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners are efficient, powerful and can handle a wide variety of jobs. The British Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners vary in different aspects. You can find both lightweight and heavyweight machine. Below are the commonly known Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners:

  • HVR 200

  • HVR 160

  • Cordless Henry Hoover

Your selected vacuum cleaner should be capable of clearing both dust and dirt in places you cannot access. First, identify your issues, the design of your house before selecting any vacuum cleaner. Well, tech Radar has been hunting for the best cleaners on the market right now. Companies are advancing their products. Currently, cleaners are simple and easy to use. Tech radar puts their attention on both cordless and robot vacuums. Here are a couple of powerful vacuums reviewed by tech radar worth checking out:

  • Shark IF250UK- This is a cordless vacuum. It is accompanied by a rechargeable battery. Shark IF250UK weighs roughly 4kgs. This makes it convenient to carry around. Additionally, it has a very powerful suction capability. Above all, it is pocket friendly.

  • Dyson V8 Absolute- Its 2.16 kg automatically makes it a lightweight cleaner. This makes it easy to carry around. Its powerful suction capability makes Dyson V8 absolute suit both easy domestic and commercial functions.

  • Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean – The lovely design of this vacuum cleaner makes it stand out. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor services as it has a rechargeable battery.

Set a reasonable budget before selecting any vacuum cleaner.