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Why Local SEO is Important for Businesses

Simply put local SEO involves efforts to optimize your website so that it ranks higher on search engines for searches carried out with a location component. Although it is often underestimated and overlooked, local SEO is actually extremely important for businesses due to a number of reasons:

  • Lots of people are using local search to find businesses
    Over 46% of all the searches carried out on Google are local, and 64% of customers use search engines to find businesses in their area. Those numbers should show you that there are lots of people out there right now that are using local search to find businesses that they are interested in visiting – so don’t you want yours to show up when they do?
  • Local searches by mobile users quickly turn into physical visitors
    The fastest growing segments of internet users consist of users on mobile devices – and they now exceed desktop users. More importantly about 50% of the time when a mobile user uses local search they end up physically visiting the business in question within a day. In short local SEO could actually bring in more people through your business’ doors.
  • More and more people search for businesses before visiting them
    Odds are you’ve ‘Googled’ your fair share of businesses to find out more about them, their address or phone number, read reviews, and so on. Local SEO will ensure that those searches turn up optimized data regarding your business that is likely to paint it in a more positive light and provide potential customers with the information they are looking for.
  • High return on investment and minimal initial investment required
    Generally speaking local SEO is not expensive, and for the most part you can claim your listings on online business directories for free. While some optimization may be required and you may want to hire an expert for it, the return on investment in terms of the actual customers you stand to gain makes even that worthwhile.
  • Local search results are becoming more prominent
    Due to the fact that more people are using local search or find local search results to be more relevant, search engines are starting to give them greater prominence. Over the years Google has made significant upgrades to the prominence of its local listings, and nowadays they are one of the first things people see in search results.

As you can see local SEO has a lot of potential and could help your business to gain far more customers than general SEO ever could. All in all it isn’t difficult to start optimizing your website and listings for search engines either, but you may want to discuss it with Cornwall SEO experts if you aren’t sure how to proceed.

At the end of the day if you’re running a business, particularly one with a storefront or physical location – you will want to engage in local SEO. Its potential benefits are so substantial that you’ll be missing out if you don’t utilize it.

Understanding the More Important Areas of Online Marketing

Online marketing is any advertising or marketing initiatives that make use of the internet. Needless to say that is a very broad definition that encompasses numerous different areas and types of marketing.

That being said there are some areas of online marketing that are definitely more important than others – either because of the impact that they have or their relevance at this point in time. It helps to know what these areas are, as you’re like to want to focus on them to some degree or other:

  • Content marketing
    The core idea behind content marketing is to foster interest regarding your brand or products by creating content that is related to it and distributing it online via social media, blogs, video sharing platforms, and so on. Generally the content isn’t meant to be promotional or be a blatant advertisement, but instead is designed to be useful and informative, and create a positive association with the brand.
  • Social media marketing
    Needless to say there is some overlap between social media marketing and content marketing, due to the fact that it is one of the channels that is used. Social media marketing encompasses more than that however, and can include paid advertising on social platforms, building up a following, and so on.
  • Email marketing
    While it may seem to harken to the past, email marketing is still relevant. It involves building up an email list of potential customers, and marketing products to them via email. Normally email marketing uses content marketing as well to provide valuable content via email that is then interspersed with periodic promotional emails.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Due to the significant role search engines play, it is important your website or blog optimize itself so that it will rank as high as possible and obtain more traffic. It is an important area of online marketing because it will allow you to expand your reach considerably, and target specific demographics who may be interested in your brand.
  • Conversion optimization
    Acquiring potential customers via marketing is one thing, but converting them to increase sales is something else entirely. Conversion optimization encompasses any and all efforts to improve your website or marketing so that it can produce more sales, including developing an overall marketing strategy or building marketing funnels.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
    Many websites, social media platforms and even apps provide PPC advertising. Unlike other forms of online marketing PPC advertising tends to have more immediate results, but comes at a price – literally. For online marketers it is a great way to gain lots of exposure and traffic, so long as the returns justify it.

As you can imagine online marketing for dentists could potentially involve most of the areas listed above, as they each could translate into more exposure, potential customers, and visitors. By being aware of what each of these areas entail, you should be able to focus your efforts on the ones that you feel are most relevant to your brand.

Will Linkless Backlinks Be the Big New Thing in SEO Next Year?

Backlinks have been a fixture in the SEO world for quite some time, and in theory it is easy to see why. Essentially when one page links to another it is seen as a ‘vote’ for the content of that page, and the fact that it was deemed worthy to be linked.

Unfortunately in practice backlinks have proven to be difficult for search engines to manage. Over the years there have been lots of practices that Google and other search engines have cracked down on, including paid links, link spam, link swaps, and much more. Recently there’s been speculation that Google may start looking to linkless backlinks, as a more reliable method of gauging the value of websites.

“What are Linkless Backlinks?”

Simply put linkless backlinks (otherwise known as linkless mentions) are simply mentions of a brand or website that doesn’t contain a web-link. In the past these mentions would carry no weight, but in recent years search engines have been developing ways to track these mentions and the context and sentiments behind them.

As far back as 2014 Google filed a patent for what it termed ‘implied links’. Then in 2016 Bing’s former Senior Product Manager stated that Bing had figured out how to associate mentions without a link and determine their sentiment and tone years ago.

The current wave of speculation mostly stems from a comment made by Google’s Gary Illyes this year, where he basically states that brands are doing great if they publish high quality content that is highly cited not just by links but other mentions.

“What Does it Mean for SEO?”

For SEO linkless backlinks represent a step into the unknown. On the surface the same principles of normal link-building still apply – just without such a heavy emphasis on actually having a link.

However there are further implications to this drive that are likely to have a profound effect on search engine rankings. Once mentions start to count as backlinks, Google and other search engines may start to include data pulled from social media, customer reviews, and a wide range of sources to see the context in which people are mentioning your website.

As such it may become more important for brands to track mentions across the web. It also places a greater emphasis on other types of off-page SEO aside from link-building that could expand a brand’s reach and thereby increase mentions.

It is worth noting that at this point the inclusion of linkless backlinks in Google or any other search engine is still speculation. That being said it does seem likely that search engines will move in that direction at some point – but whether or not that shift will take place next year is unknown.

If you’re concerned about future-proofing your dental SEO in case it happens, it is best to stick to the basics. By publishing high quality content that people are genuinely interested in and respond to – you’ll be covered if and when linkless backlinks actually become a thing.

The truth behind five common SEO myths

Perfecting the art of SEO is tough, especially with so much misinformation about SEO being spread online. Here are five optimisation myths and the realities they mask.

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SEO is irrelevant in the face of real world success

You might assume that if your organisation is enjoying a period of prosperity, with loyal customers and a growing share of the market, then there’s no need to address your online presence. But not paying attention to your website shows a dangerous lack of foresight.

Optimisation is essential, even if you have a simple site designed to display information about your business to prospective customers, as the only way it will attract visitors in the first place is if it ranks well on Google.

Interface decisions and search rank are unconnected

You may think that search algorithms are not sophisticated enough to work out whether or not a site’s interface is user-friendly or poorly designed. But there are plenty of ways to work this out by looking at other metrics.

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High bounce rates and a lack of authoritative inbound links can suggest that a site is not up to scratch, leading its search ranking to suffer. Building pages which are simple to use and laid out in a pleasing way is essential and may require expert assistance, so for professional SEO services in London visit and start the ball rolling.

A secure site is unnecessary

Major data breach scandals are increasingly common, as cybercriminal tactics become more sophisticated. This means that even small businesses cannot afford to ignore the need to apply basic security measures.

One or two optimisations will deliver significant results

Some SEO experts claim to be able to make a difference to your site’s ranking overnight, but in reality, this is simply unachievable. Looking for a quick fix is not advisable, especially as this might lead you to pursue black hat tactics. Instead, you will need to use professional SEO services in London or wherever you are located, and expect to see improvements over a longer period.

Linking is easy
Working out which links to add to your site and how to format them is tougher than you might think. In particular, you need to focus on including NoFollow links amongst those that are eligible to be tracked by search engines, letting you manage your site’s reputation more effectively.

How To Watch Amazon Prime Instant Video Anywhere

Amazon Prime Instant Video is a streaming service, much like Netflix. However, the service has limited popularity and is quite an enigma to use due to a number of reasons. For starters, it is often confused with Amazon Instant Video, although they are different services. Amazon Instant Video has more content but you have to pay per show or movie as opposed to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Another reason is that Amazon Prime Instant Video is only available in the US. Therefore, if you want access to the service outside the US, you will need to use Amazon Prime VPN, which circumvents the geo-blocking restrictions. Even then, you still need to understand how to use the streaming service.

For access to the streaming service, you should create an Amazon Prime account. First, you have to sign to the Amazon Prime free trial, after which you can choose either the monthly subscription for $7.99 or the annual subscription for $79.

Watch on Roku

Roku is Amazon’s set-top box, which allows you to connect and stream to the TV. The set-top box doesn’t include an Amazon Prime Instant Video channel during purchase. The first step is to download the Amazon Prime Instant Video channel. You then sign into the Amazon Prime account and gain instant access to your Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as Amazon Instant Video.

Watch on PC

To watch Amazon Prime Instant Video, you should log into your account from your browser’s window. You can access Amazon Prime Instant Video by clicking on the top right corner of the browser window. From there you gain access to your Amazon Prime Instant Video account and you can select any of the available movie titles or shows directly. You can also add the movies or shows to a watchlist.

Watch on iPad, iPhone or iPod

To watch Amazon Prime Instant Video, download the app from the Apple store. You can then access the app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. This gives you access to the available movies and shows as well as your watchlist. You can then watch your movies or shows, and resume watching shows or movies that you started watching on a different device.

Watching on Amazon’s Kindle

Using the Kindle tablet is the easiest way to watch Amazon Prime Instant Video. You gain instant access by tapping on the video app which is pre-installed on your Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle Fire allows you to view your movies and shows offline. However, the show or movie has to include a download feature.

Watch on Android phones or tablets

The Amazon Prime Instant Video application is not available on Play Store, so you should install it from Amazon. First, you should install the Amazon

Underground app, from Amazon Apps. Enable the installation of applications from unknown sources from your security settings. Download the

Amazon Underground application from Amazon Apps and click on it to install. Sign in to your Amazon account and download the Amazon Prime

Instant Video application for Android.


Amazon Prime Instant Video might not have as many shows as Netflix but it is a more affordable alternative if you’re looking for a change. It’s also not as easily accessible as other streaming services. After deciding on an alternative, follow the steps listed to gain access to Amazon Prime Instant Video and enjoy your favorite shows and movies.