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Getting Small business talking

Communication in business has always been vital but now in this modern age its become even more important. Small businesses are becoming large employers in the market and that injection of income into the economy is absolutely vital to the success of Britain. Its not an easy place to enter into the market and it would probably be a great help if you could get some advice on what your communications package should be. There are dedicated business telephone companies out there that will support you or maybe you’re a telephony concern yourself considering a wholesale voip termination provider. If that’s the case, then a visit to might be in order.

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What kind of features can you get from a telephony business package. Let’s take a look at some of the features available:

  • Voice to email – This isa great feature and brilliant time saver. Ever had a voicemail call that you have to really concentrate on or have to keep on rewind to hear the message details. This option converts the voice mail to text allowing you to scan the details at your leisure and decide if it’s important.
  • Music when on hold. It has something of a bad reputation but on hold music can be very beneficial as it keeps the caller engaged. It’s a very good skill of getting it right (for example the AA featured “Rescue me” as there’s once which was inspired. If its repetitive or generic it can become boring and irritating
  • Call forwarding – This is brilliant way to avoid any missed calls and business. The system puts the call through to an automated line or even to a virtual assistant who can take down the details from the caller for future reference.
  • Adding some headsets. If you find you and the staff are on the phone, then the addition of a headset is a very good idea. There are some that are linked directly into the turret phone system or others that operate wirelessly so you can wander around the office and still be fully in contact with the caller.
  • The conference call. This is great time and money saver. Why organise a place or arrange to leave the office and meet everyone involved with a project when you can simply talk to them over the phone? Multiple people can join in and still have the same results. This greatly cuts down on the need for using private areas and greatly reduces travel costs.

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It’s certainly a daunting task sorting out your telecommunication needs but it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully this should have given you some food for thought.